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A boutique strategy advisory with a global footprint and technology-driven to boost your business to the next level.


Triiris (τριήρης in Greek, spelt: triērēs) or Trireme in Latin, represented an exceedingly innovative and triumphant ancient vessel utilized for over three centuries in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Triiris was distinguished by three key attributes: swiftness, nimbleness, and adaptability, empowering the admirals of that era to employ diverse naval tactics.

In a similar vein, Triiris Global Advisors stands as a dynamic, technology-driven, and pioneering growth consultancy.

We assist leaders and their executives in assessing their business potential, harnessing the full extent of their talent pool, and crafting strategies that foster responsible and sustainable growth in concert with the evolving norm of the contemporary world.

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Triiris Global Advisors specializes in providing clients with time-tested methodologies, frameworks, and extensive international expertise, with a primary emphasis on the Aerospace and Defense industry. With over four decades of experience, we offer a wealth of best-in-class strategies for tackling contemporary strategic dilemmas.


Our tailored tools and solutions are customized to align with a company's unique culture and local landscape, empowering decision-makers to make well-informed choices. What truly sets us apart is the harmonious fusion of our highly seasoned professionals, pragmatic guidance, and technology-driven approach, making it our most distinctive selling proposition.


Triiris Global Advisors assists business leaders and decision-makers in nurturing their organizations, unlocking their full potential, and fortifying them against forthcoming trends and transformations. Our approach involves seamlessly integrating strategic thinking with cutting-edge technologies and innovation, ensuring that companies maintain a leading edge and enduring relevance.


We accomplish this by prioritizing the cultivation and enhancement of innovative products and services, as well as refining both internal and external processes and behaviors.

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